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Private Lessons / Road Test Prep


Private Lessons / Road Test Prep

Road Test Preparation Course and Private Driving Lessons in Dartmouth

Dartmouth Driving School provides road test preparation courses and one-on-one private driving lessons to clients in Fall River, Dartmouth, and other areas. As an approved exit program by Nova Scotia’s road safety division, once you complete our course, you may be eligible for insurance premium reductions as well as reduced waiting time for getting your licence – from 12 months down to 9 months. And, assuming you are infraction and suspension-free after 2 years and 1 day, the “N” (newly licensed driver) will be dropped from your license, allowing you greater freedom on the roads.

Our private driving lessons are tailored towards your skills, schedule, and preferred location (pickup and drop-off) in the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) area. Contact us for more information.

Who Can Benefit from Our Private Driving Lessons?

Private driving lessons can benefit people who:

Need extra lessons to feel comfortable while driving
Want to learn how to drive in winter conditions
Are international drivers looking to acquire a driver’s license from Nova Scotia
Are new to Nova Scotia and want to learn the rules and regulations of the road
Are new to Nova Scotia and want to discover the neighbourhoods
Want support with road test preparation
Are fully licensed drivers but have been off the road or have had very little driving experience
Have been requested by their physicians to retest their driving skills

One-on-One Private Lessons

Our certified instructor will assess your skills and focus on areas that require improvement. Often we schedule one lesson and then the instructor further advises on how many lessons they think you will need to make you feel comfortable, confident, and safe while driving a vehicle.

Road Test Preparation and Vehicle for Road Test

Many of us are excellent drivers but can still benefit from the expertise of a driving instructor to help make a few adjustments to our skills and increase our confidence while driving. The certified-and-licensed instructors at our school will spend an hour with you reviewing essential driving skills before you take the road test. In addition, you can use our vehicle to complete the road test (usually 20 minutes).


We can pick you up from your preferred location and spend an hour in the car reviewing your skills. After this, you can use our car for the road test. But, you must find your own way home as our instructor will need to get to their next lesson, while you may need to obtain the license which can take some time.


For more information about our private lessons or road test preparation program, give us a call or send us an email.

Learn defensive driving techniques, collision avoidance, emergency manoeuvers, and more through our one-on-one driving lessons.

Driving Lessons from Certified Instructors

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