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35-Hour New Driver Education Course


35-Hour New Driver Education Course

Get in Touch with Us for Class 5 Driving Course in Dartmouth

Welcome new drivers! Have you been looking around for professional driving lessons? If yes, then turn to Dartmouth Driving School for your Class 5 driving course in Dartmouth. Our Driver Training Certificate Program is a two-part course, with instruction in a classroom environment as well as hands-on experience in operating a motor vehicle. This course is open to all drivers, from beginners to advanced, who are looking to brush-up on the rules of the road or to simply acquire additional defensive driving skills. Our Class 5 licensing program is also approved by the Province of Nova Scotia and certified by the Canadian Safety Council. If you wish to learn more about our program, give us a call today.

What to Expect

Through this course, you will gain the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to obtain a Class 5 driver’s licence. You can expect to be in the driver’s seat for a total of 10 hours in addition to 25 hours of classroom-based training.

Course Time and Availability

Our Class 5 course is only provided during weekends at the Hearth Stone Inn (313 Prince Albert Road). It is important to note that you should complete your course in a timely manner because the course will expire 2 years following your date of registration. Following your driving theory class, it is essential that you schedule your driving times by contacting our front office.

Transportation Assistance

Depending on your location, we may be able to provide you with transportation to and from home, work, or school, as a part of your driving session.

Driver Training for New Canadian Residents

For those that have recently immigrated to Nova Scotia – we welcome you! If you were a licensed motorist in your previous country of residence, it may be necessary for you to obtain a Class 5 Driver’s Licence in order to take advantage of the sites and destinations Nova Scotia has to offer. We can help you learn the rules of the road, such as recognizing road signs, as well as handling Nova Scotia’s roads during severe weather.

Our certified instructors each have over three decades of experience in helping form responsible driving habits. And we can help you too! For pricing and scheduling information regarding our Class 5 Driver Training Certificate Program, please call our office today!

CARS E-learning Curriculum

The CARS e-learning curriculum is designed with highly educational and attractive animated slides. It is student-centred, logically sequenced, and uses a variety of evaluation tools. The curriculum consists of 20 x 1-hour lessons and 20 x 15-minute homelink review activities. This is student-led at your own pace and time!

Course Module Topics and Sequence

1. Driver Attitudes and Responsibilities

2. Graduated Licensing

3. Signs, Lines, and Traffic Signals

4. Pre-driving and Vehicle Adjustments

5. Strategic Driving – Observation

6. Strategic Driving – Space Management and Communication

7. Major Intersections and Turns

8. Decision-making and Risk Management

9. Sharing the Road – City Driving

10. Sharing the Road – Freeway and Rural Driving

11. Vehicle Safety – Dealing with Emergencies

12. Dealing with Collisions – Crash Case Studies

13. Dangerous Driving

14. Alcohol Impairment – Laws

15. Alcohol and Drug Impairment

16. Inattentive Driving

17. Adverse Driving Conditions

18. Winter Driving

19. Vehicle Purchase and Vehicle Insurance

20. Fuel Efficiency, Vehicle Maintenance, and Road Test Preparation

Driving Lessons from Certified Instructors

Learn defensive driving techniques, collision avoidance, emergency manoeuvers, and more through our one-on-one driving lessons.

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